Pet Groomer with
Biolight Technology

The Raymend Pet Groomer uses therapeutic lights to help soothe your pet's sore joints and muscles and stimulates circulation which can improve coat, general health, and activity level.

The Raymend Pet Groomer promotes:

  • Alleviation of minor aches and pains
  • Shiny coat and healthy skin
  • Healthy joints and msucles
  • Improved circulation
  • General well being

I have been using these lights for over 20 years on my horses as well as my own knees with great success. I am really happy this technology is finally available for our pets.

Jack van Berg Hall of Fame Thoroughbred Race Horse Trainer
  • Ergonomic hand grip
    for comfortable grooming
  • 104 grooming nubs designed
    for comfort and results
  • 12 specialized LEDs for
    maximum therapuetic effect

The Raymend Pet Groomer with BioLight Technology

Employing Therapeutic LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes), this revolutionary, state-of-the-art groomer helps stimulate circulation to promote a shiny coat, healthy skin, muscles and joints as well as enhancing your dog’s general wellbeing. LED Light Technology has been long embraced by Olympic and world class athletes, NASA and the military as well as Veterinarians, professional pet handlers and groomers to help soothe sore joints and muscles and promote overall good health and performance. The Raymend has an ergonomic hand grip for comfortable grooming and utilizes 12 specialized 660nm visible red LEDs set at a specialized frequency for maximum therapeutic effect and 104 grooming numbs for grooming comfort and great results.

"Made for Pets - Tested on Humans", the Raymend LED Light Therapy Groomer is finally available for your pet! The Raymend offers you the personal connection to help soothe your dog therapeutically with the power of light. We hope both you and your pet will enjoy your new grooming light experience.

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